What's the Deal with Hydro-Graphics?

Can Just Anyone Do It?

Yes and no. You see the DIY hydro-dip kits sold everywhere from eBay to forums. Is it legit? Sure it is. Much like paint, anyone is welcome to try and some will see better results than others.  

Some of the pros would be cost of start up. Very cheap initial investment, with the basic set up as long as the items are not oversize or in mass quantity it might do the trick. 

Time. It can be a lengthy process to wait on a shop, or even just the time it takes to make the calls and figure out the nearest location that will accept your project.

The fun of it! For a car enthusiast, this might serve to be a perfect side hobby. Even finding your own household items to dip could be an interesting challenge. From water bottles to shoes, most things can dipped for a new look or perhaps even a few gift ideas.

Now the cons... quality being perhaps the most obvious. For anyone looking to have that expensive "glass like" look, most do it yourself kits are not going to cut it. It does take the set up, the research, and likely the years of trial and error. Every part of the process matters and without the know how, most do it yourself'ers are going to experience the "what did I do wrong" moment. It is easy to go through expensive materials quickly and can lead to discouragement. 

What happens when it doesn't work? Frustration! If you are dipping an item that you really value such as a grille, and you fall short it can be tough to figure out where to go from there. There are many shops that can help, however this may end up being a more difficult route than finding the shop in the first place. 

Forums (like our DBC forum found on this website) and YouTube can be a great help for any issues you are experiencing. Failure does not mean it can't be done, it can be a great help in learning the right tricks of the trade.

If you have had the experience of dipping your emblems and are unhappy with your results, we do offer paint and dip kit removal services. Contact us for more info and we can help you out!