Frequently Asked Questions

All of my projects are one of a kind custom made to order. Once we have established your project goals and payment has been made, I then purchase your emblems directly from the authorized dealership. Often this can take 2-3 weeks, and many occasions will be coming from overseas. Once I receive them, I begin removing all the chrome in an incredibly extensive prep process. The emblems will often endure several rounds of taping off, painting in sections, water printing, clear coating, re-sanding, and any other methods needed to present the desired outcome.

Once finished, I then use a highly durable (and very long lasting) clear coat. This gives the emblems a glass like finish. Your pieces will have new 3M tape and will be shipped to you in their OEM packaging so you can be certain your emblems are authentic. I appreciate your trust in me and despite the lengthy time frame, I am confident that you will be extremely pleased with your final result. 

Your emblems should last as long as the paint on your car and can be treated exactly the same way. There is no special care required, however recommend hand polishing/waxing if needed.

I absolutely warranty my work for the first 24 months. After that should any issues arise just let me know and we can discuss an ideal solution! 

Ultimately I specialize in smaller items, however, I do occasionally make exceptions. Center caps, mirror cap covers, and other trim items can be considered up to a maximum of 36”. Please contact me for further questions.

We can "custom" design a vehicle emblem using any kind of pattern or paint color that you can envision. This can be as complicated as creating 3D effects and artistic designs, to using multiple patterns and paint colors to create the desired look. The possibilities are infinite of what can be done to one small emblem.

Chrome is the final mirror-like finish that is applied on top of several other layers of metal like materials (such as zinc, nickel and copper). These are all sitting atop a plastic. Unlike normal metal, which can corrode, rust, and pit over time, all chrome must be removed before modifying (which we do using several various techniques). Any material aside from anything soft and bendable can be modified with our paints and patterns.

Permission is not needed to customize your emblem, however, we are only able to use factory OEM parts and emblems. We are not able to use any fake or replica as this is would be a copyright infringement. The quality of those types of pieces would also not produce the desired finish.

The main cost is going to be for the emblem which varies incredibly depending upon the vehicle as well as its rarity. Our cost to design the emblem depends on how many colors and patterns are going to be used as well, as the complexity of the pieces. We can discuss this together and come up with the best look that meets your budget. We can also customize other small areas of your car such as wheel caps, mirror covers, interior trim, or most others items that are 36" and under. We like to specialize in the small things that most shops can't and won't touch.

The process generally takes about 3-6 weeks.

Absolutely and these can be done at a discount for larger orders