Our mission at Deep Blue Chrome is not to dream, it's to revolutionize. Car enthusiasm is no longer a hobby; it's a way of life, and we want to be the company who brings vision into reality. Customization has evolved from a "do it yourself" mindset, to a form of artistic expression.

           Using hydro-graphics we are transforming ordinary chrome touches, into masterful pieces of self expression. With the design instruction from our customers, we will formulate the most articulate and creative emblems to represent style through car art.

          While hydro-graphics is a growing trend, it is still a largely unknown procedure. For larger pieces it is relatively simple to find a shop willing to paint, or use water transfer to produce custom results. We stand out from other shops in the respect to detail. We spent years studying car emblems, companies, placements, all before beginning our journey of hydro-graphics. Knowing our product is key to producing eye bending results, leaving one to wonder, how did they make it?

         All too often we have seen poor paint jobs, and cheap knock off designs adorning what should have been the owner's pride and joy. To us detail is the sum of all that represents quality. We offer personalized customer service stand 100% behind our product with the expectation and hope of earning returned business.

         We use Genuine OEM brand new emblems for the majority of our work, however we realize that not all customers can afford this route which is why we offer the option of sending in your own emblems for an over haul! Every customer, no matter what they purchase, is held in our highest regard and will receive stellar service.

        We appreciate the opportunity to change such a personal aspect of our buyer's vehicles, and we will not disappoint. If you can think it, we can make it! Thank you for giving Deep Blue Chrome your time and attention, you can rest assured you will receive the same from us!


Questions? Contact us any time!